Real Human Hair Extensions vs Synthetic Hair Extensions


If you have the choice then always opt for real human hair extensions! This is one piece of advice I give to anybody who asks me about which is best or if there is any real difference. There are so many options available to you when looking into extensions for your hair but there a number of key reasons that I would steer clear of synthetic hair extensions if you can.


The first point I raise is that there is an obvious difference in quality of the hair. Human hair extensions are taken directly from the head of real people meaning the chemical make-up of the hair is the same as your own hair – The hair I use is specially treated and is not stripped of the cuticle meaning that the root-tip alignment is maintained and the feel of the hair will match that of your own seamlessly allowing the blend to work better.


Whilst it is more costly, you are left with a high quality set of hair extensions as opposed to synthetic hair that is notorious for brittleness, reduced protection form sunlight, dryness, salt, chlorine and an increased tendency to tangle and matt. In addition synthetic hair extensions do not respond well to heat styling. Not ideal for straightening and styling which us girls love to do!!


I have fitted a large number of hair extensions in Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford and the surrounding area and most clients have had the aims of adding natural length and / or volume to their hair. The best way to get a NATURAL look to your hair extensions is to opt for 100% real human hair as it blends and behaves much better than non human hair. That is, when you move it behaves in a way that your own hair naturally would, when you style it, it tends to sit more naturally and you can style your hair in a much more free fashion… curling, straightening, etc. Synthetic hair has limitations! It cannot take the same amount of heat that real human hair extensions can and synthetic hair extensions will actually melt if this heat warning is ignored (you are literally burning your money!).


If you want hair extensions for everyday use then synthetic hair probably isn’t the best options for you. But when you look at real human hair it is also important to ensure you look for quality. Great Lengths are the premium brand and I am able to source hair directly within 24 hours of order from the HQ of Great Lengths in Leeds. I hold Great Lengths Certification and am insured to apply Great Lengths hair extensions and am always amazed with how fab the results are.


If your budget is lower then I have another fantastic provider of real human hair extensions in Leeds that will still give you all the benefits of luxurious long locks that allow you to style your hair as you wish without ever giving away the fact you have extensions applied. These extensions are applied using micro rings or nano beads depending upon your hair type and also produce awesome results.


For more information please feel free to browse further around my website being sure to check out the gallery and other articles that help give more info on why real human hair extensions, be it Great Lengths or Micro Rings and Nano Beads are a sure winner!


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