Frequently Asked Questions in relation to Hair Extensions


Understandably there is a lot to consider when you are deciding whether to invest in hair extensions. Factors such as price, type of extensions, number of bonds, quality of the hair (and the technician who fits them), how long they will last, what up keep you will need, etc… all need careful consideration to ensure you select the best option for you.


To that extent I have tried to answer as many of the commonly asked questions I get for you here all in one place, and in as much detail as I can to help. If I’ve missed anything that you are unsure on, or if you would like to discuss anything in further detail then I welcome a chat further on 07854303600 or at


Here we go…



1.How much do they cost?


This depends entirely upon three factors: (a) The quality of hair you choose, (b) The length of hair you want, and (c) The number of bonds you want to apply.


(a) Quality of Hair – I only work with the very best quality hair on the market. I believe that if a job is worth doing then it’s worth doing properly. This means that if you choose to get hair extensions with Hair by Ava then you can be proud of the hair you have, and can trust that the quality of hair will match your existing hair, blend perfectly and will not deteriorate over time. The hair I use is so good that many of my clients re-use the same hair when it comes to removing and re-applying their extensions.


I offer two types of extension; Great Lengths Hair Extensions and Micro Ring Extensions / Nano Ring Extensions. Great Lengths are the best available on the market and the Micro/Nano Rings are a more affordable but yet still high quality brand. Both are 100% real human hair.


In most instances I would recommend Great Lengths, however if you are looking to keep cost to a minimum then the Micro Ring extensions I have sourced come a very close second and will also allow you to achieve the level of quality you would want and need.


(b) The Length of Hair – The more length you want to add the more you will pay. This is where a consultation comes in handy. We will be able to discuss in depth exactly what you want and then determine the correct length to add to achieve it.


(c) The Number of Bonds – As above, a consultation is important to establish factors such as how thick you hair is, how much volume we will need to add to ensure that your extensions blend naturally, etc and allow us to come to an agreement of how many bonds you will need (frequently it is less than you may at first imagine too!).


As a guide you can expect to pay anywhere in the region of:


Great Lengths: £350 to £700 (Half upon booking after your consultation and half after the application)

Micro Rings / Nano Rings: £250 to £500 (Half upon booking after your consultation and half after the application)


2. How long do they last?


Providing you look after your extensions properly you should expect to get up to 6 months wear from them. It is important to consider when looking at price that cheaper variations of lower quality hair extensions may cost you less for the first application, but if they only last you 2 or 3 months then the costs of buying and applying new hair extensions will start to mount up to much more than you first anticipated!


3. How do you match the colour to my own hair colour?


We will do this at your consultation. Fortunately the brands of extensions I use have one of the widest array of available colours to choose from to match your existing hair whether it be your natural hair colour or even dyed/coloured hair. Furthermore I have undergone specialised training by Great Lengths in order to ensure perfect colour matches and often I use 2 or 3 different shades to further match the existing individual hue and saturation colours in your own hair (see examples below).


4. What type of Hair Extensions do you offer?


Great Lengths – click here for more info

Micro Ring Extensions / Nano Ring Extensions – click here for more info


5. Where are you based?


I am based out of Pudsey (Leeds), I have a dedicated room set up specifically for the application of hair extensions and can book you in for consultations and application appointments at a time that best suits you including weekdays, weekend and evenings.


I can also travel to you if you are based in or around Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford, etc but I do charge a call out fee based on distance I have to travel. For application appointments I also require full payment upfront if you wish for me to come to yours to put in the extensions.


6. How much do you charge for a consultation and what does it consist of?


Consultations are free of charge!


During your consultation we will discuss what you want to achieve from your hair extensions, and go through the available options. We will discuss the benefits of Great Lengths and Micro Rings / Nano Rings, which will suit your hair better, how many bonds you will need and at what length. I will give you a breakdown of the prices for various options as well as conduct a thorough colour match should you wish to place an order for hair extensions.


I will also be happy to answer any other questions you may have at this point in time, and we can arrange a suitable time for you to come back to have your hair extensions fitted if you wish to go ahead.


7. What are your credentials?


I qualified as a Great Lengths Certified Technician gaining certification directly from Great Lengths in Leeds and my business is officially listed on the Great Lengths Website.


I have a strong portfolio of work; please see my examples online and client recommendations.


I originally qualified as a hairdresser gaining my NVQ level 1, 2 and 3 certificates in Hairdressing in Harrogate and Leeds.


I have worked backstage for styling hair for Leeds Fashion Show and have been requested to style hair for fashion shoots by Catwalk Model Management.


I have undergone training by industry leaders including Akin Konzi (3 time British Hairdresser of the Year) and Josh Goodwin (Head Stylist on Season 8 of Britain and Irelands’ Next Top Model) as well as top stylists from the likes of Saks, Sassoon’s, Peter Gotthards, etc.


Above all else, I am passionate about hair and proud of every set of extensions I put in!


8. Do you offer free maintenance checks?


Yes. I offer one free maintenance check per set of extensions fitted and free removal if you book back in for a re-fitting.


9. How long does it take for you to source the hair?


Typically between 24 to 48 hours (or even sooner if you need an appointment urgently!)


10. Will hair extensions damage my hair?


Providing you look after your hair extensions properly then not only will the hair extensions not damage your hair but they can also help improve the health of your hair. Many clients have come to me with damaged hair, frazzled ends, etc and after applying the extensions and removing them months later we have seen a dramatic improvement in overall hair health.


Because of the bonding processes I use I can be confident that your hair will not become damaged as a result of wearing extensions. I use no glues which are notorious for damaging hair specifically during the removal process!


I’ll be able to give you advice on how to wash, treat and style your hair and extensions to get the very best out of them, and to ensure your hair health stays excellent!


11. My hair is very thin… can I still have extensions?


Yes absolutely – although I would strongly recommend Great Lengths over Micro Rings and Nano Rings if you have thin hair as the keratin bonds are much more reliable and last longer than the copper rings used in ring bonds.


The example below shows a before and after on a client with very very thin hair, and the results have been amazing!